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Announcing “The Sexcessful Workshop Seminar: Professional Support for Sex Educators”


The Sexcessful Workshop Seminar

Starting January, 2015! 

Effective Skills for Designing, Marketing and Presenting Sexuality Workshops that change the world.

An eight-week online program designed to support you through the process of creating a sexuality workshop full of your uniquely brilliant content, 
which is well-attended and financially sustainable!

Discount for new sex educators.  Early Bird Pricing ends Dec. 15. 


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Watch the Video: How I masturbated in public and became a teacher of Sexual Liberation

Here’s the video of my Mystery Box Story!  Enjoy!


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How I masturbated in public and became a teacher of Sexual Liberation: PART ONE

Path of Sexual LiberationMy job is walking with my clients on their path to sexual liberation.  

I meet my clients where they are in terms of their sexuality, and together we discover the blocks, traumas, and limiting beliefs that stand between them and the deeper erotic life that is possible for them.   It’s a process.  Along the way, there are unexpected twists and turns, as the body slowly begins to reveal its secrets and stories.  Almost always we encounter the gatekeeper, Resistance.  It’s how we know we are getting closer to the essential erotic self, which is quite powerful and can be frightening.

I have the capacity to make this journey with my clients because I’ve done it, am doing it, myself.  My body knows trauma, resistance, and both welcomes and trembles at hope. I’ve had to wrestle sexuality back from fear, and reclaim my erotic life from the abyss of disassociation and sexual shut-down.

Being a coach and standing in witness of the journeys my clients make is a magnificent experience. 

I watch, time and again, as the intuition and body knowledge someone has deep inside emerges to guide them home to Eros.  I stand in awe of our power to know ourselves, ever more deeply.

I’ve come to know myself more deeply.  Over the last year or so, I’ve experienced a growing desire to embrace my performer self.  I’ve not had a lot of training in performance, and I’ve been seeking out venues to practice.

It’s good for me to be in spaces where I don’t yet have mastery; it keeps me in the space of beginner’s mind.  But I also fucking hate not being good at something, not having things be easy and effortless.  It reminds me of the vulnerability and courage it takes to enter into a process, not knowing who you’ll be on the other side, and what the price of admission will cost you.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to participate in a transformational coaching process for performance, with Eric Scheur and Reba Sparrow of Mystery Box Show.  

Mystery Box is a story-telling show out of Portland that is real people, telling their real foibles with sexuality.  It’s not porn stars, or people who have it all together in terms of sex.  The stories are funny, tender, heartbreaking, and remind us that we’re human.

I worked with Eric and Reba for three months, developing my story for their San Francisco show.

The story they chose for me to tell is about the very first public masturbation ritual I ever led, when I had never even masturbated with another person before.  Everything was working against my desire to explore communal masturbation.  It was a pivotal moment in my life, one that ultimately led to me becoming a facilitator of sexual liberation for others.

The transformative story coaching process was supportive, and yet humbling. 

Each time we would meet for our skype session, I would have to tell them the latest version of my story.  They’d tell me how great it was coming along, and then they’d basically suggest restructuring many components, or eliminate elements that were non-essential to the story.

Throughout the process, I felt the story getting tighter and more cohesive. I also dreaded each and every coaching session.  It is really fucking hard to show up, with your art, your tender, vulnerable story, and have someone, with the greatest compassion, hold you accountable to an even higher iteration of your ability.

I was a wreck in the days leading up to the performance.  I fought with myself.  I met with them one last time the day before the show, and they wanted me to change the beginning of the story that I’d been working on delivering just right for weeks! I wanted to punch Eric in the face.  But I sucked it up, and kept working on the story, figuring out how to implement his suggestions.

They don’t tell you the order you will be presenting your story in during the show until that night.  I was hoping that I would go first, and just get it over with.  When I met I met the other story tellers, one of whom I’d recently seen perform, I was relieved because I assumed I would go first.  Unfortunately, when they revealed the order, I was the last performance of the evening.  Which meant I had to sit through all of the other stories, heart pounding and palms sweating. 

Miraculously, once I heard “Please welcome to the stage Pavini Moray!” my fear dropped away. 

Pavini performs at the Mystery Box ShowAll of the preparation, the coaching, the support, the reworking, the practice, it all kicked in and was directly available in the moment.

I’d been worried that I’d forget key elements, or that my timing would suck.  I was concerned that my gestures wouldn’t work, or that I’d fuck up with the mike.  None of that happened.  While I was telling my story, I felt the greatest sense of presence, and of pleasure.  I couldn’t believe it when I realized I was getting to the end of the 17-minute piece.

I stepped off the stage, and knew that I had nailed it. The joy and celebration lasted for days.

Two weeks later, I’ve had time to reflect on the experience.  Why was it so successful? Well, as I’ve already said, all the preparation.  But even more than that, I realize it’s because Eric and Reba were there, expecting me to be brilliant.  Their belief in me fueled my belief in myself. 

I’m so grateful that I got to participate in a transformational coaching process, and that the results were so clearly demonstrated. 

I’ll hold that moment of success as a trophy, a reminder of what happens when there is support, high standards, and accountability.  I’ll use the experience to support processes that I move through, and sexual liberation processes that I help my clients move through.

Want to watch the video? Tune in Tomorrow!

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La Pocha Nostra Performance


A Pocha Nostra X-treme Fashion Show & Photo-performance karaokeSaturday,

September 13th  7:00 PM.


On Saturday, September 13th, I will be performing in this.

La Pocha Nostra’s two-week residency at Fort Mason ends with an exciting evening public performance in two-parts.

Part one will include a live “photo karaoke” session in collaboration with maestro RJ Muna in which artists and audience members will create live images on-site for the camera.

Part two of the evening will include an “extreme fashion show” featuring the work of the participants that has been developed during the residency.

Buy Tickets Early!  It will sell out!


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Free Your Sex! Your Toolkit for Erotic Liberation

With great pleasure that I announce:

My new 40-page ebook called “Free Your Sex! Your Toolkit for Erotic Liberation” is now available for free download! 

16 tools to set your sexuality free.


This book contains 16 of the best tools I know to help you deepen into pleasure, and get the intimacy and transformation you need in your sexuality.  

I hope you enjoy it, and may it serves your pleasure well!

Download the free PDF here!

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Erotic Experiment Update #3: Somatic Erotic Learning and the Queer Oil Action

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Calling Queer, Magickal Musicians for submissions to Eco-sexual Film Project

Are you a queer magickal musician or song-writer?

Are you up for a radical community project? Do you feel called to work in a sacred way, an erotic way, and allow Spirit to guide your music?  Would you like to compose a song for a film that supports liberation of the Earth and liberation for our fabulous, queer sexy selves?

Two summers ago, two collaborators and I shot an erotic film documenting a queer Eco-sexual ritual that celebrates the liberation of magick, sexuality and the Earth.  You can read the project description here. Performers of many genders, sexualities, bodies and abilities donated their time and energy and allowed their intimate explorations with Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit to be captured on film. The result is a sexy cacophony of nature-based pleasure.

Currently, I am editing the film with Carol Leigh, a.k.a. Scarlot Harlot, an award-winning film maker, sex work activist and erotic artist in her own right.  The film is unlike anything Carol or I have ever seen.  The magick imbued in the process is unique and once you see it, you realize why it must be in the world.

What we need now is original music for the score. In the spirit of including the magick of many artists and making this a film for community by community, we are asking for your support. 

We need seven original pieces of music: one for Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Spirit, Pentacle of Queer Eco-Sexuality, and credits. We invite in your erotic creativity. All musicians will have artistic agency in their musical portrayal of their erotic relationship with the element of their choice.

You will receive fame and glory with your name in the credits, a copy of the film, and an invitation to our screening party when the film is complete.  All participation is voluntary, and no financial recompense will be given for participating. No on’es making money off of this project: the proceeds of this film will be used to support Free Cascadia Witchcamp and other projects that are in alignment with our eco-sexual values.  The deadline for submission is August 18, 2014.

If sharing your music in this film calls to you, please email me to schedule a time to discuss your desires and how we can collaborate with you!  Please forward this to your musician friends!


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