Holy Body/Whole Body Film Project

I am writing to tell you about a project I am catalyzing.  The film is called Holy Body/Whole Body.

The intention of this film project is to celebrate the liberation of magick, sexuality and Earth through the documentation of a magickal and erotic process.  The body has been so pathologized and colonized, and attempts to document the body in relationship to itself, other bodies and Earth are often fraught with these threads of patriarchy.  What we are doing is reclaiming our relationships with our bodies, each other, our connections with Spirit and the greater Earth body, and documenting this process so that it becomes a teaching/learning tool out in the world.

We understand that traditional documentations of sexuality are often oppressive, objectifying, and fragmenting from each other and our planet home.  We also understand that the adult film industry capitalizes on desire and the commodification of sexuality.  We seek to reclaim and queer the tool of media portrayal of erotic energy, and use it in ways that benefit all of us, in alignment with our shared values of egalitarianism, free choice, pleasure, respect and artistic freedom.

We use it in ways that benefit our Earth by reclaiming the subtle sexual relationship that we all live, as creatures dependent upon Earth for comfort, nurturance, sustenance, and life.  Making overt the erotic nature of our relationship with Earth returns us to the simple realization of our dependence.  It is our hope that this work inspires all who view it to tend the personal relationship with Earth with the sweetest and tenderness of a Lover relationship.

The reasons we are doing this project are thus:

  • Normalizing and being inclusive of marginalized expressions of gender, body, sexuality
  • Expanding the potential for sexuality, including a diversity of sexual practices,  including relationship with Earth
  • Documenting on film the intersection of erotic energy/magick
  • Using our bodies as activism
  • DIY economy in juxtaposition to the porn industry
  • Because witches are hotter than anybody else we know

All participants will sign a waiver, and will be in full choice about their participation in the project.  All participation is voluntary, and no recompense will be given for participating.  All participants will have artistic agency in their portrayal of their erotic relationship with self, other, Earth, within the context of the storyboard of the film.

The film will be made in a holy way, and will seek to capture the invocation/deepening erotic relationship between people and the elements.  For example, a participant seeking to demonstrate their erotic relationship with air might choose to be filmed climbing a tree, and making love with the wind, or with a beloved.   A participant seeking to document the erotic energy of fire might offer hot fucking with a burning wand, etc.  It will be up to each participant how they offer their erotic energy to Earth through that particular element.

This is the call-out to think about if you would like to be involved with project.  It involves reading and signing the waiver, envisioning/dreaming/conjuring your scene with the element of your choice, and being available for filming . If you participate, you MUST be 18 years or older with identification.  Participants will all receive a copy of the final film, either on DVD or downloadable, TBD.  Please know that we may not be able to include all footage, and final cut is at the editor’s discretion in terms of film quality.

So, perhaps you are wondering what will happen with this project, once it is filmed and edited?  Well, we first plan to have a hella screening party in the Bay, to which all participants are invited.  We intend to use this film not for our own personal financial gain, but to raise funds for things in alignment with what we are doing.    That’s our first thought, and the conversation is evolving around how we will distribute this film.  We feel committed to financial transparency, and to funding more projects that reclaim the master’s tools for our own use.   We also feel committed to this work NOT being commodified in ways that feel bad, and remaining a tool for the activist/witch community.

If you are interested in furthering your knowledge of Eco-porn, check out Fuck For Forestshttp://www.fuckforforest.com/ , and what Annie Sprinkle is doing http://sexecology.org/,

More on DIY subverting the dominant porn complex: http://gooddykeporn.com/new/

I humbly offer this project, and hope that you will join us.