New Class Offering Friday, August 10

Just in case you somehow missed the awesome intimacy skills coursework you got in health class in 7th grade, we’re offering a repeat.  And yes, that was a joke.  We never got taught this stuff in school! Come learn intimacy skills with  H.R. Bremner and me, two awesome sexological bodyworkers and intimacy coaches.

Friday, August 10.  7-9 p.m. in San Francisco

Open-Hearted Intimacy Skills  for Queers and Friends
• Speak Truth
• Know and Express Desire
• Listen Compassionately
• Open-heartedness
• Vulnerability
• Emotional responsibility
You’ve probably heard these buzz-words in conscious relationship culture, but where are we supposed to learn these skills? How do we become truly intimate, when we don’t have the skills to do so?
In this class, we will practice these skills with practical, applicable exercises that build the intimacy muscle. You will leave the class with tools that you can practice at home and in your relationships, to create the connected, open-hearted love relationship you yearn for.
Ideal for singles and couples, this workshop is experiential, playful and connecting. Join H.R. Bremner and Pavini Moray, certified sexological bodyworkers and intimacy coaches, and get buff for the sex and relationships you dream are possible.

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