There’s been a lot of vulva in my world in the last 24 hours, and it merits a brief discussion and sharing of links.

Yesterday, I  looked at a book that documents  the Great Wall of Vagina project.  Over 400 plaster cast images of actual vulvas from actual women, collected over a five-year period, and depicting the abundant plethora of female genitalia, complete with piercings, transwomen, and a range of labias from the almost non-existant to the extreme.  I marveled about how cool it was that genitals look so unique and special, and so many different ways!!

Upon checking in with my linked-in profile this morning, a fellow sex educator had posted The Centrefold Project which encourages public debate about labiaplasty, a controversial cosmetic surgery that removes part of the labia for aesthetic purposes.  The tagline is “Labiaplasty: Anti-female pornification or empowering choice?” and the animated cartoon with voice-over from women who have had the procedure is thought-provoking.  Being in a love relationship with a transgendered person has helped me to think about cosmetic surgery as potentially life-saving, whereas before my feminist roots had a judgemental choke-hold when it came to body image.

The Vagina Bike Taxi created by Mimosa Pale of Finland,is an art project consisting of a giant vulva attached to a bike.  Clients can catch a ride inside the vagina, and be safely ‘delivered’ to their location.  The image is visually compelling, but even more interesting are the almost 700 comments facebook users have made upon seeing the piece.  Most comments reflect the feelings and stories of their authors more than comment on the piece, which obviously evokes tremendous response.

And for the last random vulva appearence in the past 24 hours, here’s a crappy picture, but the best I have, of a “Yoni Gate” I created a number of years ago for a ritual celebrating the Yoni.  I had to dig it out to send to someone this morning, and it kinda rounds out this odd collection of vulvas nicely.

I love my vulva.  I love other peoples’ vulvas.  I’ve not met one I didn’t like.  How do you feel about yours?


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