Win-Win: Your brilliant mind + my mad skillz


I’m looking for THREE more people to interview about their opinions on sex coaching and sex therapy: no experience necessary.

Wanted - Dead or Alive
Wanted – Dead or Alive (Photo credit: twm1340)

Here’s the Dealio:

Talk to me for  30 minutes.   Get a free hour-long session.

 If you are interested, holla holla to pavinimoray (at)

Please let your friends know.  Thanks!






2 thoughts on “Win-Win: Your brilliant mind + my mad skillz

  1. oh heck yes. i don’t know if this is like the “5th-caller-you’re-on-the-air” type of forum, but dear emancipation station, you have my attention. let me know if you’re still looking for folks, i’m in!

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