Easy Things to do Today to Set Your Sex Free!

Set your sex free today
Retail therapy for Sexual Liberation!

Here, in the spirit of shameless self-promotion after a week of blogging silence!

Some first steps to reclaiming your sexuality and setting your pleasure free! 

1. You could join Emancipating Sexuality’s Mailing List” 

     We send out a newsletter full of info you won’t find anywhere else.  About once a month you can expect this gem in your inbox.  

2. You could register to attend “Finding Joyful Boundaries

 Attending our class on boundaries on Thursday, November 8, in San Francisco will give you experiential tools and practice in acknowledging, finding, setting and respecting boundaries.  A necessary skill for intimacy!

3. You could schedule a FREE 30 minute phone consultation. We’ll discuss whatever is going on for you in your sexuality, and you’ll leave with some strategies to try and next steps.

4. You could begin a masturbation practice: Everyday for 30 minutes for  two weeks, with the last five minutes being about letting the body settle.  Keep notes! Also Free! You’ll discover miraculous things!

5. You could do nothing.  And wait for the sex fairy to come sprinkle you with sexy sparkle glitter.