SQUIRT! Trans-Male (FTM) and Female Ejaculation!

Emancipating Sexuality will represent on a panel next week on female and trans-male ejaculation.

Come on down for a juicy good time! 




At Feelmore510 in Oakland, CA
Wednesday, 1/16/13
$5-10 donation

Always wanted to Ejaculate but don’t know how?
Curious about Female and Trans-Male Sexual Anatomy?
Want to explore this juicy topic?
Need some tips and techniques to get you started?

Then come on down and join us!

With a hot panel of cutting-edge educators and Sexologists we will dive into the myths, truths and possibilities of female and trans-male ejaculation.

Anya de Montigny, Madison Young, Pavini Moray and Ari Zadel will be discussing:

Tips and tricks to becoming a squirter

Female/trans-male sexual anatomy including the prostate, skene’s glands and g-spot

Answering the question: is it pee?

Debunking the many myths that surround this sometimes misunderstood fluid,

How increased testosterone effects ejaculation and sexual anatomy

and they will definitely be sharing their own personal experiences!

With film clips from Madison Young’s instructional video: Lesbian Sex Education: Female Ejaculation

Plenty of time for Q&A.

Enter to win free prizes!

Anya de Montigny is a Sex Educator and Intimacy Coach working with individuals, couples and groups to gain the tools and techniques they need to have an amazing sex life. Her business, Teach Me About Sex is dedicated to providing non-judgmental and accurate sex education. She has taught at the Pleasure Chest in Los Angeles, California College of the Arts, the Sunrise Center, Good Vibrations, and FEM Talks.

Madison Young serves as the Artistic Director of the forward thinking non-profit arts organization, Femina Potens Art Gallery. Young values sexual education in her work and has taught workshops, lectures, and acted as a panelist on the topics of sexuality, feminism and pornography, and kink around the world including at Yale University, Hampshire College, University of Minnesota, and UC Berkeley.

Madison’s instructional fim Lesbian Sex Education: Female Ejaculation takes place at a lesbian sex retreat and motivates 4 lesbian couples to explore their own ejaculation fantasies, demonstrating personal tips and techniques for ejaculation, new found intimacy, and demystifying myths surrounding the elusive g spot. Starring Coral Aorta, Sadie Lune, Maggie Mayhem, Nic Switch, Akira Raine, Dylan Ryan, Papi Coxxx and Lillian Alexander and featuring Sex Experts Madison Young and Dr.Annie Sprinkle PHD

Pavini Moray is a trans-masculine identified genderqueer sexologist and avid blogger at www.Emancipating-Sexuality.com, and www.emancipatingsexuality.wordpress.com. Ejaculation is a joyful and juicy part of Pavini’s erotic practice, and is characterized by deep relaxation and simultaneous excitement of the pelvic floor muscles and genitals. Pavini’s business, Emancipating Sexuality, is designed to serve queer and trans clients seeking to deepen sexuality, heal trauma, or expand intimacy.  Pavini works with individuals, couples and groups.

Ari is a is a queer transman & Doctoral Resident with a deeply curious nature that pushed him to explore ejaculation as part of his sexuality. Ari is professionally interested in work with Gender Creative and LGBT youth. He believes in real sex education as political activism and sexual liberation.