Doorways to Arousal: Erotica is Hotica.


As a sexologist, I believe there are various ways to enter into our sexy space.  And just like different strokes for different folks (did a masturbator come up with that saying?) different people enter into erotic energy different ways.  

With purportedly, 30% of all internet traffic  to porn sites, obviously visual stimulation is a well-traveled inroad for many wankers. Fantasy will do the trick, and of course good old fashioned friction also get us there.  And then there is erotica.

I’m a big fan of erotica.  Starting with reading Penthouse “Forum” as a young person, I learned early to masturbate while reading.  I would say that a majority of my teenage masturbation involved the use of printed material.  My session today led me down this road of sweet stimulation.  I like erotica because I can fast forward and freeze frame mentally, at will.  It’s not so much the images that are created, but rather the phrasing.  Words like “throb” and “sopping” and “turgid” and “slit” are not often used outside the realm of erotica. I find them incredibly turny-ony.

The kind of orgasm I have when using erotica is very different from an orgasm when my focus is on my body.  There is a very particular heat that is generated by reading steamy stories.  I’m super picky: it has to be well written, and detailed enough to dampen my panties. It can’t be stupid, or have too many characters with hard-to-believe names like Sally and Fred.  Enough plot to be believable, not too much that I’m having to read about feelings other than arousal, turn on, shame, or prohibition.  My biggest turn-ons involve situations where there is a conflict of interest: desire + shame, or pleasure + power imbalance, or headfuck situations that involve someone being turned on even though they are being manipulated.

Part of what erotica does for me is give me a space for permission to be turned on by things that I would never really do.  Taboo is hot in erotica, in my opinion.  I’ve noticed that  erotica is often ‘given the shaft’ so to speak, and dismissed as softer porn, for girls and sissies.  I beg to differ.  Raunchy, saucy and dirty are all qualities I seek out when looking for a thigh-squeezing missive.

What I do consider important is not to get stuck in only one pathway to arousal.  I regularly mix it up, just to keep it all working.  While I don’t consider porn a problem per se, what I do have concern about is people only being able to access their erotic energy through one pathway.  Why limit yourself?

If you liked this post, do me a favor and leave a comment below answering this question: what is your favorite pathway to arousal?

6 thoughts on “Doorways to Arousal: Erotica is Hotica.

  1. Thank you so much for the reminder about alternative pathways to arousal. I’ve been a bit stuck in mine recently and this article has inspired me to mix it up. I plan to dance around naked to some really loud music to see if this will turn me on for my self pleasuring today. This is opposed to what has been essentially relying on using visual mediums for turn. I love the curve of a breast, the line of the hip, the top of the buttocks, the glint in a gaze as my favourite ways to be aroused. I haven’t mixed it up for a while and don’t want to become to entrenched or limited or stuck in the mind so thank you for the inspiration to become more embodied in my pathways to arousal.

    1. Every once in awhile I notice the same thing… I can get magic wand dependent, and have to hide it sometimes so I remember all the other juicy, wonderful ways I can enjoy my pleasure.

  2. Not sure i have a favorite but what i do enjoy is when one thing leads to another in my mind. I’ll catch a glimpse of something or a timbre will tickle my ear or a breeze or light touch drift on my skin, a memory lifts its head – something that pulls me from the now and next thing i know i’ve got a full blown fantasy on my hands. That’s usually quite fun 😉

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