Spiritual Fat like that.

Fat Buddha loves Emancipating Sexuality

Every year I attend Free Cascadia Witchcamp, which is my heart’s true home.  We gather, in the wilds of Cascadia, to celebrate, make magick, do the work, and evolve our culture.  This year was a particularly powerful year for me, especially in regards to Fat.

First, let me say it was a million degrees all week.  Pretty much all week I spent nekkid, trying to eliminate any additional heat caused by clothing.  Nudity used to be a big edge for me, especially in public spaces.  However, since taking Sexological Bodywork training, it is no longer an issue.  Sometimes I wonder how my fat naked body is perceived, and mostly I just don’t care.  You like?  Go ahead and look.  You don’t like? Don’t look.  Simple.

Our camp structure holds a morning path (class) time, afternoon affinity group time, and evening ritual time.  Every morning I taught path with another wonderful witch on erotic self-expression and performing creative erotic art. Every afternoon, I met with my affinity group.  Affinity groups are small groups based on a topic that group members have affinity around.  These groups are often used as process-based decompression for the intense and rigorous spiritual and social experience one typically has at a witchcamp.

This year, my affinity group convened around fat bodies.  Calling ourselves “Fat Magick,” we began what feels like life-long work in sharing, learning and deepening into the particular mysteries that come from dwelling in a fat body. 

In the deep heat of every afternoon, we gathered in the shade.  As we shared, laughed and cried together, as we made magick together and prayed together, certain threads of experience began to emerge that are the beginnings of a tapestry of sacred and arcane knowings.  We began the conscious creation of a body of work celebrating the Body Fat. There are so many fat deities, that it is surely of no coincidence that our bodies reflect a mystical experience!   

I feel a deep commitment to continuing this work.  I’ve been doing a lot of research on fat + spirit and interesting gleanings are revealing themselves.  Here are two.

A whole bunch of fat goddesses

I especially love the second part of this next article, about the Buddha being onto something, and how ridiculous it would be to put him on a diet.

Spiritually Fat

It was at a different witchcamp, many years ago, that a gorgeous fat priestess of sex spoke words that have forever altered the course of my life.  She said “As a fat person, my sexuality is invisible.”  I have lived into those words these past years.  As you may know, I have made working with fat people so that we may experience sexual liberation a core theme of my work.  Bringing invisible sexuality back to center, seen and validated is another.

I was so struck by the concept of invisible sexuality, and what it means and who gets sexuality and who gets to have their sexuality validated.  Just as the medicine is often the poison, I believe that the antidote to body oppression lies in liberating all bodies from policing.  One of my dear radical friends recently said to me, “As a thin person, I work for fat liberation because I know that I am not free until we are all free.”  I believe a correct medicine is fat magick.

What I am learning as a fat, sexy witch is that I truly need all of the space my body provides in order to do the work and make the magick I am compelled to.  I need the full range of embodiment offered by this fat body, so that I can hold, move, teach, write, fuck and love the way I want during my Earth time. Being fat has helped me learn to be accountable for all of the space I take up.  My fat yearns to be radiant, and every fat cell wishes to glisten like glitter.  And jiggle.  They love to jiggle.

This Wednesday 9/11/13, I will be performing a piece on Spiritual Fat at 510 Feelmore in Oakland  between 7-9 p.m.  I would love to see you there.

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  1. Not only are you an amazing and wise witch, you are one hellova great writer! You had me in tears before I was half way through. Tears of joy. So much love to you my dear!

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