Trans Male Sexuality: The Geography of Pleasure


“Geography of Pleasure: Embodiment for Trans Guys.”

February 21-23, 2014 in San Francisco

This is a three day workshop for those of trans-masculine experience who are curious about exploring their bodies. Did your trans body come with a user guide to optimize your pleasure? Together, we write our own.

In this highly interactive workshop, conducted by trans-masculine facilitators, you get to deepen your understanding of the unique and diverse capacity trans male bodies have for pleasure.

Art, Anatomy, Touch, Ritual and Conscious Play are the ingredients. This workshop focuses on the entire body and is held in a container that is playful, safe and reverential. All of the myriad decisions trans masculine people make about their bodies in regards to surgery and hormones are honored.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for those who self-identify as having a trans masculine experience.  This includes FTM, trans guys, bois, transmen and other trans masculine identities. .

Is this a sexual space?  

It both is and is not a sexual space. Meaning, this will be a boundaried, facilitated space for the exploration of an individual’s own body. In that way, we will be engaging with our sexual and sensual selves, as we seek to understand our anatomy and our pleasure more deeply.

In support of that deepening, touch will be involved, to each participant’s own level of comfort. Everyone will always be in choice about to what degree and in what ways they participate and engage. As a somatic learning community, we will assist each other in many ways in these explorations. Choice and consent are paramount in regards to any touch that happens in the workshop.

This will not be a sexual hook-up space, and the focus will never be on the sexual experience between participants. This will not happen within the container of the workshop.

This is radical, edgy work for a group of people that have most likely not experienced respectful learning spaces that are designed to serve our specific needs as trans guys. We welcome lots of questions and discussion, especially from folks may have who feel drawn to attend but are concerned about what will happen at the workshop.

The facilitation crew includes Captain Snowdon, Pavini Moray, Ari Zadel and Dallas Maynor.

To our knowledge, a workshop like this has never been done. We aim to create something that can be shared with trans guys around the world. Help us get the word about this necessary work OUT! 

Please forward this to any person of transmasculine experience you know, even if they are not in San Francisco, and ask them to do the same.

Feel free to contact with any questions.

Tickets available:

No one is going to do it for us.  BUT…..

Together, we can create the kind of embodied sex education we want and need!  


2 thoughts on “Trans Male Sexuality: The Geography of Pleasure

  1. There is no accessibility information that i could find anywhere about this event. A friend has asked me about that and while i won’t be there, i thought i’d go to the source. Can you please post disability access info (including but not limited to wheelchair access, scent reduced/free, etc access), as well as Deaf access info here and in other callouts for the event? Thanks.

    1. Yes! Thanks so much for the reminder. The event will be held in a ADA compliant space. We don’t have the venue location firm yet. We want it to be accessible, period. Will need help with deaf accessibility because I have no experience here, but totally open and responsive. We will ask participants to be scent-free, and as soon as I know what space it will be in (probably this week) I will post all accessibility info I have from the space. I will post this on the facebook and eventbrite listing as well.

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