Beyond the Yoni Puppet: Deepening Pedagogical Brilliance for Sex Educators

sex-written-on-blackboardI invite you to my new

professional development online class:

“Beyond the Yoni Puppet:

Deepening Pedagogical Brilliance

for Sex Educators.”

May 1 – 31, 2014

This is a four-week professional development intensive that gets sex educators the curriculum, classroom and marketing skills they need for success!

The skills we possess as sex educators hugely impact not only our success but how impactful our teaching is.

It is not enough for us to have relevant, scientifically based current sexuality information. It is not enough for us to have excellent content and activities.

In this series I will share with you the wisdom and best teaching practices I have gained from two decades as a Montessori educator. 

You will leave this class with a slew of educational strategies and a serious increase in your skill as a teacher.  You will:

  • Better understand of the process by which students actually learn
  • Engage various learning styles by providing the same information in different ways
  • Structure curriculum that engages and allows students to make learning their own
  • Hold learning as it happens over time, and support the integration 
  • Hone your observational powers so that your teachings are relevant and fill the need of your students
  • Create safer containers so that students feel safe to relax vigiliance and engage with new ideas
  • Maximize your curriculum planning to squeeze out every ounce of potential learning
  • Create environments where learning and transformation can occur, and where students take ownership of the process
  • Discern whether supporting a student to move through their resistance or helping them with self-acceptance is the right course of action.
  • Know when to speak, and when to wait silently 
  • Help students dealing with trauma from other educational experiences that they project onto us
  • Pace material effectively
  • Give permission effortlessly
  • Possess information about stellar time management and time tracking skills
  • Have a framework to seek, absorb, and integrate student feedback
  • Give timely feedback that students can hear and act on
  • Understand the value of excellent classroom management skills
  • Get your work in front of the right audience
  • Read what’s happening in the room and make sure your students are staying engaged
  • Deal effectively with disruptive students who are trying to meet needs in the class that are not within the class container
  • Assess exactly where a student is, and what the smallest next step they need for their growth AND hold the trajectory of a student’s learning over the course of time
  • Monitor congruence between what you teach to your students and the ways you live your life as a sexual being: “walk your talk.” 
  • Have tools to redirect when teaching suddenly goes in the opposite direction than you thought!

This class consists of four video calls,  participation in a collaborative learning environment with other brilliant sex educators, weekly online readings, viewings, assignments and practice opportunities, and a facebook group. 

Cost is $180 and there is still some financial aid available if you need it!