Check out this sex ed documentary made by my friend and youtube sex educator Alex Liu!

I adore Alex’s work, and recommend checking out and funding his project!


A Sexplanation, an upcoming sex education documentary, hit its $10,000 production goal on Indiegogo last week. So this summer, San Francisco science reporter Alex Liu will travel to uncover the best sex education ever.

From church pews, biology labs, fetish conventions and sex therapy sessions, Alex will deconstruct the pleasure, intimacy, and spirituality associated with sex in order to define a healthy sex life.

Take a look at these 69 second tastes:
Male Sexuality

Most sex education just teaches that sex is risky and even life threatening. People are left confused or ashamed of their sexual urges. Alex will change that with a comprehensive, evidence-based, shame-free sex education documentary.

You’ll get to know scientists and educators as they expose new ways to understand sex. Immersing you in real world research, Alex will connect you to sexuality on a biological, psychological, and sociological level.

With 9 days left, Alex hopes to raise as much money as possible to get the entire film made and distributed. Help us spread the word.

A Sexplanation is the first feature documentary directed by the biotech researcher turned filmmaker. Alex has reported for NOVA scienceNOW with Neil deGrasseTysonCNN Health, and NPR. His YouTube channel, The Science of Sin, was named by Slate as one of its “Brilliant Ideas To Fix Science Education”.

Here’s seom recent press, another 69 second clip and some Science of Sin episodes for more. The Indiegogo campaign ends at 11:59 PM on May 28. If you’d like to know more, Alex is available for interviews and guest blog posts.
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Science of Sin: Bisexuals

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