The Discomfort of Calling In

My dear friend and colleague in the revolution Rain Crowe’s inspiring words. A hefty read.

rain crowe

Recently, a good friend and I shared a conversation in which they revealed a recent personal instance of public shaming. Unfortunately, the phenomena of being “called out” is all too familiar to me, and to so many of us, and as we worked through their feelings and thoughts about it, I realized how many similar conversations with others I’d had in the past many months.

As a mediator-facilitator of groups, I find the phenomena intriguing and have attempted to map out some of the social variables that contribute to these instances. As an educator about group formation and adaptive healthy functioning, it seems important to be able to articulate a meta perspective that embeds these situations in the context of contemporary culture, both recent past and presently expressed. And as an organizer, within many intersecting alterna-cultural groups, I am concerned by the pervasiveness with which respectability politics play out in…

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