Class starts online April 5th: How to set boundaries for love and connection!

Nice_Couple_of_Tigers_600Embodied Boundaries:

How to say “No” to your partner and increase love and Connection!

A three-week compassionate boundary-setting exploration for queer, lesbian and gay couples.

I survived a decade-long relationship without many boundaries. Phew! That was rough!

Finally learning how to set boundaries with my partner has increased the love and connection we feel. And it’s not something we learn in school or usually in our families. Where then do we learn? Come to “Embodied Boundaries” starting on Monday (in person) or Tuesday (online) and you and your partner can create the relationship you want. Only when we learn to say a clear “no,” can we trust our full yes.

The class will cover boundary settings and maintenance, as well as how to make and receive requests.

This class is especially for you if you feel shame about not having boundaries already. You’ll leave a boundary wiz!

Starts April 5, 2016

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