Upcoming online class for couples: Embodied Boundaries: Learn to say “no” without losing love

Boundaries for Couples


3 weeks of compassionate boundaries exploration and practice
for queer, gay, and lesbian couples

Starts Online April 5, 2016
3-part series, Tuesdays 6-8 PM Pacific
$300 tuition includes private couples session (value $185) with Pavini Moray, Somatic Sex Therapist

Boundaries for lesbians and queers

  • Is it sometimes hard to say “No” to your partner?
  • Do you say “Yes” when you don’t really want to?
  • Do you ever go along with your partner’s desires because it’s easier?
  • Do you feel like you’ve lost any parts of yourself in your relationship?
  • Do you ever wish for more space, more of your own life, but don’t want to lose your partner?​

Folks who don’t practice boundaries in their relationships often feel resentful towards their partner, or like their partner takes or asks for too much from them.

Well-practiced boundaries make your relationship feel safe enough to be intimate and vulnerable, explore your desires, and grow together as people. 

This class series is especially for you if you feel bad about the current state of your boundaries! 

In order to feel safe in relationship, we need to be able to set and maintain boundaries, and have them respected.

We can learn and practice the tools that can evolve relationships into empowered, nurturing and dynamic partnerships.  Embodied Boundaries is a 3-part workshop that supports you in identifying, articulating and maintaining boundaries that help you and your relationship thrive.

In this workshop series, you’ll learn how to :

  • say you can say “no” to your partner, while growing together in love
  • know and ask for what you really want
  • honor your partner says “no” while staying centered and grounded
  • Find deeper intimacy without losing yourself

The power of doing this work in a group

 You might think the best way of doing couples work would be in private with just you, your partner and a therapist. That’s how it is usually done.

My experience is just the opposite. The work is much more powerful when done with other people who are in the same situation as you, working in small groups some of the time and at other times all together.

It is easier to see yourself reflected in other people than to see yourself as you are. The same is true of couples. As each of the couples share their stories, you see your own story reflected. This may offer the opportunity to see it for the first time or to see it differently.

Empathy and understanding arise and it becomes possible for everyone to soften their hearts, not only towards their partners but towards themselves as well. Listening to the others gives you a completely different perspective on your own situation.

Class structure and format

Class 1: What are boundaries and Why are they important to our relationship?

Class 2: Knowing where my boundaries are, and how to articulate them to my partner and stay connected

Class 3: Saying and Hearing “No” as a intimacy practice

Each session will be a mix of teaching, experiential practice, group reflection, and integration and follow up practices for at home, during the weeks between sessions.

Included in this class series is an individual couples session with Pavini, focusing on boundary issues specific to you and your partner.

Online April 5, 12 and 19
6-8 Pacific 
We will meet online using zoom technology, which is like skype but better. 

Cost: $300 per couple

Tuition includes 6 hours of in-person online teaching, follow up activities, email support and a one-hour individual couples session (valued at $185)

Boundaries for lesbians and queers