Erotic Experiment Update #3: Somatic Erotic Learning and the Queer Oil Action


Calling Queer, Magickal Musicians for submissions to Eco-sexual Film Project

Are you a queer magickal musician or song-writer?

Are you up for a radical community project? Do you feel called to work in a sacred way, an erotic way, and allow Spirit to guide your music?  Would you like to compose a song for a film that supports liberation of the Earth and liberation for our fabulous, queer sexy selves?

Two summers ago, two collaborators and I shot an erotic film documenting a queer Eco-sexual ritual that celebrates the liberation of magick, sexuality and the Earth.  You can read the project description here. Performers of many genders, sexualities, bodies and abilities donated their time and energy and allowed their intimate explorations with Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit to be captured on film. The result is a sexy cacophony of nature-based pleasure.

Currently, I am editing the film with Carol Leigh, a.k.a. Scarlot Harlot, an award-winning film maker, sex work activist and erotic artist in her own right.  The film is unlike anything Carol or I have ever seen.  The magick imbued in the process is unique and once you see it, you realize why it must be in the world.

What we need now is original music for the score. In the spirit of including the magick of many artists and making this a film for community by community, we are asking for your support. 

We need seven original pieces of music: one for Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Spirit, Pentacle of Queer Eco-Sexuality, and credits. We invite in your erotic creativity. All musicians will have artistic agency in their musical portrayal of their erotic relationship with the element of their choice.

You will receive fame and glory with your name in the credits, a copy of the film, and an invitation to our screening party when the film is complete.  All participation is voluntary, and no financial recompense will be given for participating. No on’es making money off of this project: the proceeds of this film will be used to support Free Cascadia Witchcamp and other projects that are in alignment with our eco-sexual values.  The deadline for submission is August 18, 2014.

If sharing your music in this film calls to you, please email me to schedule a time to discuss your desires and how we can collaborate with you!  Please forward this to your musician friends!