Intimacy Technology

So, remember when I posted that list of Intimacy Skills last fall, and it went viral?  Over 4,000 people read that post.  Holy Moly.  It got me thinking that although we are all supposed to KNOW how to be intimate, no one ever really teaches us explicitly.  Kinda like sex.  Unless you are super lucky and have an amazing family of origin, you probably struggle with intimacy, just like me.  When so many people read that post, I realized that there is a gap in our skill sets, and that I could come up with something to fill it.

I did a trial run of a few classes last fall, and they went really, really well.

I am writing a book, called “Intimacy Technology,” to help people access the skills to have intimacy more easefully.  I believe intimacy skills can be taught, practiced, and mastered.   To kick my ass into gear about writing the book, I decided to develop a series of classes, each one a chapter in the book, and present them over a year’s time.  I develop content for the class, for the book and workbook, and the peeps get to explore and practice building the intimacy skill in a low-risk environment with plenty of support.

Next Monday, January 28 starts the Intimacy Technology series.  We’ll meet just about every fourth Monday for a year.  Participants will receive strategies and tools that are immediately applicable to their relatings, be it with friends, co-workers, lovers, family, children, etc.   So, without further ado, here’s the promo: (And make sure to check out the special pricing for buying the whole series upfront)

Intimacy Skills in San FranciscoIntimacy Technology Series:

Transformative Skills for Potent Connection


“Have good boundaries.  Communicate well.  Know your true desire, and be able to ask for it. Be authentically vulnerable, and take emotional responsibility. Trust.”  All these are skills needed for true intimacy.  But where do we learn them? Mostly, we learn by trial and error, or costly therapy.  But what if developing intimacy skills was structured and fun?

Intimacy Technology is a skills development series.  Each intimacy skill is isolated, broken down into practical components, and practiced in a supportive, exploratory and playful environment.  In these classes you will explore the skills that build the intimacy muscle, with practical strategies and immediate results.

This is a year-long series, though you can attend as few or as many classes as you like.  Perfect for those who are single, newly in relationship, hoping to be in relationship, or in established relationships of any orientation or configuration.  Drop in cost is $30, or attend as many as you like for $250 paid in advance.   We meet most fourth Mondays of the month, from 7 – 10 p.m. in San Francisco.

January 28: Communication: Skills to negotiate desire, sex, emotions and conflict.
February 25: Joyful Boundaries: Honor, set, and maintai physical, energetic, emotional boundaries
March 25: On Fire with Desire: Find your desire, communicate about it, and receive it
April 22: Breathtaking Vulnerability: Opening yourself authentically
May 20: Getting what you thought you wanted Receptivity, availability and open-heartedness
June 24: Story: How does your intimacy story keep you from true intimacy? How can you rewrite it?
July 22: Dark Shadows: Meeting and knowing our darker desires, compassion and bringing our full self to intimacy
August 26: Successful and Supportive Intimacies: Allyship, gratitude, generosity and cooperation
September 23: Emotional responsibility: Owning what’s mine and mindfulness
October 28: Terrifying Trust: Opening to receiving love, intimacy and compassion
November 25: Intimate Risk-taking: With harm-reduction
December 16: Holding Space: For everyone’s feelings and needs

I’m in the process of renting space near public transport in SF, and as soon as that piece is in place I will publish the location.  I’d appreciate if you’d share this post on facebook, and forward it to anyone who could benefit.  I’m also looking for someone to do set-up and promo for a full work trade position for the series.  You can read more at or register HERE