May is National Masturbation Month!

In honor of National Masturbation Month, I’ll be completing a “Masturbation Challenge,” which means a month of daily erotic practice.  I’ll be posting here and on facebook about my experiences.  I invite you to join me!

National Masturbation Month started in 1995, after Joyce Elders was fired from her position as the Surgeon-General for saying that masturbation education should be part of sex ed in schools.  Whattt???

There are so many amazing reasons to masturbate, but shame, stigma and lack of info often keep people from this pleasure practice.   Watch here as women talk about their masturbation experiences.  

Here are some reasons Good Vibes suggest masturbation:

  • Because masturbation is immensely pleasurable, invigorating, rejuvenating and fun.
  • Because sexual pleasure is each person’s birthright.
  • Because masturbation is the ultimate safe sex.
  • Because masturbation is a joyous expression of self love.
  • Because masturbation offers numerous health benefits including menstrual cramp relief, stress reduction, endorphin release, stronger pelvic muscles, reduction of prostate gland infection for men and resistance to yeast infections for women.
  • Because masturbation is an excellent cardiovascular workout.
  • Because each person is their own best lover.
  • Because masturbation with a partner can be educational and hot.
  • Because masturbation increases sexual awareness.

Right!  I’m going to go workout now!  Anybody up for the challenge?  May is starting to sound pretty fun.  Drop me an email at pavinimoray (at) gmail if you’d like to train together!

Sacred Sexuality for Teens

I have been asked by several in community to put together a class series for teens pertaining to sexuality.  The intention of this post is to gather feedback and information, so that I can create curriculum that serves the needs of teens and their families.

I want to offer a four-week series held within a magickal container, that holds sexuality as sacred, and helps teens explore feelings and skills around relating.  I’m hoping to do this in April.  I see this as sacred sexuality education, which complements sex ed as it is taught in schools.
I ask that this email be shared with families, parents and teens to get as much feedback as possible.  If there are lists this could be forwarded to, please feel free.
Initially, the content that I am considering centers around Self, Other, and Relationship.
Beginning with examining the sexual self: what are my desires? What do I like? What do I feel ready to explore? What am I not ready to explore? What are my questions about sex? Some basic anatomy: How does my body work? And finally, communication skills for communicating boundaries, desire, and negotiation.
The second focus is Other: Whom am I attracted to? How do I uphold someone’s boundaries? How do I honor someone’s desire, especially if it conflicts with my own? How do I navigate the emotions of me and someone else, and hold everyone’s needs and feelings as valid?
The last focus is Relations: How do I navigate sexuality with another? How do I advocate for my needs and desires, as well as uphold my own boundaries?  How do I say or hear “no?”  What is my process around saying yes? How do I communicate with my family around sexuality? How do I find the information I need to answer my questions?
I know that as a parent, I would need to have a lot of trust in a sex educator talking with my kids.  I really want to honor the needs of everyone: families and teens, and create a curriculum that feels good to everyone.  So my questions for families are:
What would you need as a parent to feel good about your child’s participation in this class?
What content would you like to see covered?
What would you like to not have included?
What are your needs in regards to your child’s sexuality education?
What concerns do you have?
What suggestions do you have?
And questions for teens:
What kind of sexuality education do you want and need?
What content would you like to see included?
What would you need to feel safe attending a class like this?
What concerns do you have?
What suggestions do you have?
I am open to receiving written feedback, or to have phone or in-person conversations, as needed.  I would love if you’d take a few minutes to respond, if any of this strikes a chord.  Also, if you could forward this post to other families with teens you know who may be interested, I’d be grateful.